Dialogue of traffic police in fancy dress competition

Dialogue of traffic police in fancy dress competition

Are you looking for the dialogue of traffic police in fancy dress competition?  It is one of the best fancy dress themes where the small cute kids dress in a traffic police costume 

Traffic police or traffic officers spoke conversationally as traffic cops are cops WHO direct traffic or serve in exceeding traffic or roads policing unit imposing rules of the road. Traffic police embody officers WHO patrol major roads and conjointly police who address traffic infractions on different roads.  A traffic police officer is a community helper. He takes care of public safety and whether everyone is obeying the traffic rules or not. The life of a traffic police officer is quite difficult. The officers serve the community in summer, rain, winter and in all the worse climatic conditions. Here are some of the most famous dialogue of a traffic police officer:-

  • Show me your driving license – It is the duty of a traffic police officer to check the driving license of the driver. Your kid can use this dialogue with an attitude blowing a whistle. 
  • Always wear your helmet – Wearing a helmet is a necessity while driving your two-wheeler.  The traffic police dress for your kid will add up confidence on his face. He can give direction to wear a helmet.
  • Always wear your seat belt – Your kid can say this and tell people the importance of wearing the seat belt while driving will be definitely applauded. 
  • Don’t use the phone while driving – Giving the safety tips to the audience with proper action will look fascinating. 
  • Don’t drink and drive – Drinking and driving causes many accidents so the participant can give a message to avoid the same.   
  • Silent Actions – A silent play like acting the traffic rules. Whistling and showing directions or stop and go gestures always works. 

These are the basic some basic dialogues that can be used by the child while dressing up as a traffic police officer. Also, consider these questions to tackle his question while preparing for the competition.  

What are the duties of traffic policemen?

Traffic officers are sworn-in police, however, they focus virtually completely on maintaining traffic safety and potency on the roads. this can be the main target of their duties, which may embody leading traffic, managing accidents, administering federal traffic cash, and educating the general public on laws and safety tips.

Why is traffic policeman so important?

Traffic Officers play an important role to keep the roads safe. They serve by managing general road and traffic tasks. whereas this won’t appear vital, this implies that the police will get on with cases that need their specialized skillset.

Which country has no traffic police?

Bhutan has no traffic police.

The failure of light conjointly would result in chaos for the commuters resulting in varied accidents. The Asian nation has no such problems. it’s the sole country within the world with no light. though the capital of the Asian nation has soaring traffic it still doesn’t have traffic lights.

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